Trip Report RC / AAOA 5/27-5/20/22

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Trip Report RC / AAOA 5/27-5/20/22
« on: May 30, 2022, 08:31:19 PM »
What a great trip with the Club!

I haven't been too active lately, but i found a truck bed i need to grab a little bit out of the way off 180 so i loaded up all my gear and buggy in the rain Friday morning and departed about 1PM.  i drove threw hard rain for about 3hours.

Picked up my truck bed and found a new close to PA125 terrible way back to 81 and pulled in to RC lot about 7pm.

Scott H pulled in shortly after with his Rubi JT and also had Randy and his wife as passengers.  we got a fire going even with wet wood.  Joe B pulled in about 10 and the parking lot for our group stated to fill up. 

In the moring we had Myself, Joe, Mark, Jeff and wife JK (little rat dog group 1), Jeff and wife buggy, cody, Reed, Chris/jody (little rat dog group 2), Brett and his dad, Travis and family, buffalo Mike P and wife?

we hit the office side of RC, tooled around on some good trails , ended up on rock creek and then death trap.  about the same time, Mike P snagged his transmission crossmember on a big rock in the middle of death trap and broke the bellhouseing/trans input, also muched the rad with engine fan.  in winching to a safer spot added insult to major injury he cut a valve stem.  at this almost exact time bretts XJ died and would not start.  a buggy parts run yeilded an XJ coil, a valve stem kit, CO2 tank, an pack of Oreos.   Jeff P and I shot back to camp for supplies.  we loaded up.  Jeff and Mirria grabbed some food (no lunch and it was 4pm) and i gave a hydro hose to a parking lot beggar to fix his TJ as we left. 

back to death trap the XJ was now rolling intermittently while allowing something to cool.  the K5 got precariously lifted, tire removed, bead broken, new valve stem installed, back on 4 wheels and winched to clear land.  I drug him 1/3 of the way out and then it was apparent we needed another rig to make the muddy hills and climbs out.  Jeff hooked to me and with headsets it was nice to convoy out.  we stopped on J to allow motors and trans to cool on the two buggys.  we were working. 

back at camp we relaxed. 

sunday we ran north side in the am, then split to 2 groups.  buggy group back to office side ran full 20, 13, otters, 14, then out.  Bretts XJ still intermittently stalling with a new coil.  later that night CPS changed which prevailed to be solution the next day.   Reed went with Jeff JK/Scott JT and ran some stuff.

Added by Jeff JK for group 2
At the split Scott Reed and Jeff JK headed to the trail 5 hill climb where Reed absolutely dominated the left and center lines making it look effortless then we were off the Reeds favorite obstacle Yellow Jacket where he made short work of that we then followed some blue/green trails to Cemetery and off to Tombstone Where Jeff JK was shamed by Reed (just give me one honest try) into attempting a climb. With Reed spotting it was accomplished with just a few tears and whimpering. Then while reed was attempting an extreme climb he ran low on gas and everyone headed back to camp with only minor carnage, a slow leak for Scott and a punctured tire for Jeff JK.

lots of good food and beverage Sunday night.  good fire. Joe was a flat top grill machine.  we cooked 8lb pork roast, venison, sausages, peppers.  awesomeness.  Lots of free wood left by neighbors, scoore!

Monday morning We left for AOAA by 8am.

AOAA we ran some nice blue and black trails close to west? side entrance.  then headed to the Mammoth trail to check it out, stopped at the wale back look out and then headed over to "got stones" where a few buggies played.  a few more good rock trails. Pink and black got us back with a dusty dry hot ride.

loaded up and headed home.  I stopped at Turkey ranch, and some of the others stopped at the truck stop with Arbys.

Great trip, great food and fellowship. 
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Re: Trip Report RC / AAOA 5/27-5/20/22
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2022, 05:27:56 AM »
Great report, Smike!

After we split from you in our journey northward I had an interesting trailer tire incident happen 2 miles before our meet up point.  My 2 front tires simultaneously delaminated on route 15.  Trailer suddenly wobbled for a brief second and that was it.  Nothing was obvious in the mirrors,  we were going 70, and the trailer didn't handle any differently!  As soon as we slowed to the offramp stop I could easily see the mess the driverside tire was in, having completely delaminated the tread from the carcass.  It wasn't until Brett pointed out at the gas station that the passenger side tire had its own issues, having started to delaminate and spread the tread appart along the circumference of the tread   
Some very fast Jack, block, zip-gun help from the convoy, and an extra borrowed spare from Wingman, and we were back in travel mode in mere minutes.   Thanks again guys!
It wasn't until Joe was backing into his house that he heard one of his tires hissing as well.   We didn't have any rig problems Monday but apparently paid for it with trailer issues as it would seem.

 My wife's first real off-road experience driving her own vehicle and she really enjoyed it and is very interested in another trip.  I have a great club to thank for that great first time experience!

Awesome holiday weekend trip!

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Re: Trip Report RC / AAOA 5/27-5/20/22
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2022, 10:38:42 AM »
Update: I was finally able to find my gopro card and upload some of the videos from the memorial day trip (at least the last 2 days when I was there).

Rausch Creek 5/29/2022

AOAA 5/30/2022

Note: these are not public, you need the link to access them.


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