Field & Forest Season Opener 5/20-22

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Field & Forest Season Opener 5/20-22
« on: May 23, 2022, 09:48:29 AM »
2022 F&F Season Opener

Jeff G and I loaded up in my car on Friday and headed east. I chose to leave the Willys at home, partly due to fuel prices and partly unwilling and/or unable to follow the CT crew on the ever-harder red trails with all of their fancy new rear steer things. I needed the hiking exercise and spotting/spectating would be enjoyable too. The weather was going to be hot and humid and we were praying that the bugs would not be too much of an issue.

We pulled in about 7pm and easily located a spot to set up camp. Caleb was already set up and out on the trails. Attendance seemed way down even though the event was sold out.

Not long after, Caleb emerged from the woods and Harry/Hannah arrived. We enjoyed good conversation and beverages before heading to bed. Its been a long off-season and there was much to catch up on.

After some gentle rain overnight, the morning began foggy and cool. Various breakfast selections were ingested while we awaited Reid/Mollie's arrival. Then off to Boulderdash. "Traffic" was backed up so we turned around and climbed Wedgie and then attempted Atomic Wedgie. Onward to Easy St and Caleb decided to attempt a ledge just before the V-notch at the entrance. An incredible display of driving and his attempt was successful! Harry also tried but just couldn't make it happen. Reid and his new-to-him buggy thought better of it and went up the traditional climb. After a short distance into Easy St, Caleb lost front drive. Investigation showed that the front UCA frame mount had tore off which allowed the axle to rotate and pull the driveshaft apart. A couple of creative winch rope wraps and the axle was stabilized enough to hobble back to camp.

The skies had cleared and the heat was on. We sat in the shade of an EZ-up and discussed options for Caleb, ate some lunch, and enjoyed general laziness. Reid and Harry decided to go back out and run Boulderdash. A short distance into that trail and Harry's buggy quit. Group diagnosis pointed to the fuel pump and after a number of attempts to restart, it fired and got partway back to camp. It quit again and this time, percussive persuasion made it good enough to get back to camp. No good repair options were immediately available.

The EZ-up wasn't doing the trick anymore so we moved to a shade tree and continued our leisurely conversation through the remainder of the afternoon. Caleb grilled up some burgers and Reid threw on some leftover pizza. After the sun went down, it got a lot more comfortable. Reid and Mollie loaded and headed for home. Showers cleaned off the day's perspiration. More campfire conversations and then another restful night until...

Of course, some inconsiderate person decided that it was necessary to load up his Jeep at 6:30am. Sleep was done, so Caleb cooked breakfast while we packed up. Jeff and I were on the road by 9:00am, before Mr. Inconsiderate even left >:(, for an uneventful drive home.

Some weekends are filled with extraordinary wheeling, some are filled with breakage and recovery. I believe that every weekend you can spend with your friends, no matter the circumstances, is a WINNER.

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Re: Field & Forest Season Opener 5/20-22
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2022, 08:21:13 AM »
Great right up. Sad I missed it.

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Re: Field & Forest Season Opener 5/20-22
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every weekend you can spend with your friends, no matter the circumstances, is a WINNER
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