PA Wheelin Double Whammy 8/11-15

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PA Wheelin Double Whammy 8/11-15
« on: August 16, 2021, 04:11:58 PM »
PA Wheelin Double Whammy

sMike and I were invited to wheel with the crew from WNY. Their plan was to wheel Rausch Creek for two days and then Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area for two days. I opted to join up with them at AOAA and then wheel Sunday too.

The RC report that I received was that CV trail had claimed sMike's 14b chromo axle shaft and Outer Limits claimed another rig's radiator cooling fan. In spite of those issues, it sounded like it was a good time but very hot and humid.

I invited my brother Mike to come along and we arrived at the Trailhead Campground Thursday about 8pm and set up. Most of the others rolled in within the hour. The weather map was looking ominous and a light show was keeping us sky-wise. It eventually did rain and everyone crowded under awnings and conversed until bedtime.

The rain didn't cool things off so we were in for a hot and humid Friday. We covered plenty of miles picking off trails like Bee Line, Upper Anthracite, Lower Anthracite, Der Stuka, Barney Rubble, M, and M extension. A couple of guys tried out the upper portion of Baulderdash and it cost one his front ring gear. They pulled the drive slugs and headed back to camp where there was a spare ring and pinion complete with spool waiting. The rest of the group made our way out to Upper Tax Bracket to check it out but it was late in the day to make any attempt to run it. A leisurely return to camp netted some food in our bellies and casual conversation around the evening campfire. Camp showers were very welcomed.

Saturday started much like Friday, weather-wise, but the humidity dropped during the day and the temps moderated. Our group headed for the Western Preserve and completed Fern Ridge and Got Stones. We found the construction area and stopped for lunch before heading back over to run SOB trail. An assault on the exit near Renee's Hill claimed another front ring and pinion but it was near closing time anyway and we meandered back to camp. More good and plentiful food was consumed and more good and plentiful conversation was enjoyed around the campfire on a much cooler evening.

The WNY crew packed up and headed for home and other adventures along the way on Sunday. Mike and I had already planned to wheel with some of the "Cocaine Cowboys" so we loaded up and hit 39c trail, Barney Rubble, M, M Extension, Zack's Bender, and 36. We paused for lunch once back on 12. A couple of other rigs were working their way through 36 too and when they were climbing the exit hill, a log popped up and ripped their radiator hose and winch power cable out. We offered what assistance we could and got them back on to 12 where they could limp out. We dropped down into 13 and headed over to Upper Anthracite and ran both Upper and Lower top to bottom, then turned around and ran Lower bottom to top again. At that, we decided that was a good and fitting end to the weekend and headed for camp and had an uneventful haul home.

Endless thanks to WNY and CC for the camaraderie and hospitality they continually show us!


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