Field & Forest Summer Blast 7/2-5

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Field & Forest Summer Blast 7/2-5
« on: July 07, 2021, 09:23:21 PM »
Trip to NH got off to a soggy start and with a lot of rain in the forecast Mark, Dennis and I decided to forego leaving Friday and opted for leaving Saturday morning with plans of pulling in just in time for BBQ dinner. A smooth, uneventful trip got us there just in time and after stuffing ourselves with pork and chicken, mac and cheese, cole slaw, chili and cornbread we retired to camp where Mark got us a fire going and we dodged rain drops all night while harassing Caleb about his broken (again) XJ and goading Reid into getting his rig there the following day. Sunday morning we got on the trails with a few sprinkles here and there but all in all a decent day. Mark led me and Dennis (with Caleb riding shotgun) and Adam, down Trail 1 to the infamous Lake Trail. Everything went smooth and we came down a very steep muddy end leading to Pete’s Pass. Mark got on the trail with relative easy and with some spotting from Caleb, I got up the first ledge as well. Dennis was talked out of trying his “favorite” v notch again and was able to continue further than he has made it on Pete’s Pass to date. The rest of the trail was completed with relative ease and it was on to Trail 4 leading to High Point. Mark and Dennis made it through a quick tiny loop that solidly denied Adam and I and a quick snack break followed. We strapped back in and experienced a couple good ledge drops off of Backdoor where the first problem of the weekend reared it’s head with a hole in my power steering line. A quick patch with some tubing and hose clamps got us back on track heading down Russ’ Ridge to Easy Street Extension and back to camp for lunch where we met up with Reid who had just pulled in. Lunch wrapped up and we headed back out, Reid in tow this time, up Trail 6 to Boulderdash which proved to be pretty chewed up and muddy. We all made it up without too much issue and then it was back to camp to throw some weld on the steering rod ends for Reid’s rig to keep it from twisting. Then after a quick rain shower it was back out on the trail to finish up the day with a run up Pinball. A broken winch rope slowed Mark down for a bit but a quick repair by Mike had him winching himself out of trouble and on his way. I followed up behind with no issue. Dennis was next and had to pull cable and then Reid who’s rear steer continues to prove quite the advantage. It was then back to camp when good food was eaten, fire was made, booze was drank, music was listened too, and stories were told. The rain persisted through the night and everyone turned in. Monday morning came and we hit the trail again with a plan of running Easy Street. We hit The Step and Wedgie first. Mark and I took The Step and with a few rocks stacked made it up with little trouble. Reid, Dennis and Mike made it up Wedgie with a little struggling by Reid, little winching from Dennis while Mike made it look like flat ground. From there it was on to Easy Street. At the first climb/ledge Mark was denied after a valiant effort and took the bypass. I was almost up when my power steering issues came back and I had to back off taking the bypass as well. This time there was no fixing for me and the decision was made to limp me to the bail out. The section before the bail out proved to be a challenge for all with a lot of winching for Mark, Dennis and I who all decided to take the bail out and call it a weekend. Mike and Caleb (now driving Reid’s rig) managed to make it though with some great wheeling and it was on to the second part of Easy Street. Lots of horsepowers were used by Caleb and Mike to get up the first ledge of the ending climb. The next super muddy/wet section of the hill proved to be too much for both and cable was pulled after multiple attempts by both rigs. Mark, Dennis and I made the walk back to our rigs and met up with the rest of the group for the drive back down Russ’ Ridge and Trail 6 to camp. We all packed up and hit the road. A few pee breaks and gas stops saw us all getting home safe and in time for the 11 o’clock news.

By Joe Bailey
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