Crandon WI short course trip report 8/27-9/2/2019

Author Topic: Crandon WI short course trip report 8/27-9/2/2019  (Read 175 times)

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Crandon WI short course trip report 8/27-9/2/2019
« on: September 04, 2019, 10:23:50 AM »
Ultra 4 sent out a last minute invite to drivers to attend the 50th Crandon short course track to race last month!  I planted the seed in Matt to race and he committed and registered!

We prepped the car by lowering it, stripping about 600lbs of un needed weight and and he downsized to brand new 37" BFG KR2's to get his power up in high range with good speed.  the car also got a new front gear set and some fresh RCV repairs.  some 2" steel grate for roost protection and we were ready to load the car. 

Matt, Troy, and Myself headed west in my Truck and enclosed trailer Tuesday afternoon.  We drove about 12hrs that night and then finished up 3 more hours of the 905 mile trip Wednesday morning.  We got situated in the pits and checked out the property.  Matt's wife Gillian flew out to meet us and joined Wednesday with a rental mini van!  MikeMike and CJ were also on their way to arrive Friday and Saturday.  Thursday was pretty much rained out and no practice was allowed on the track.  Friday was parade day and 350+ cars were police escorted in to the main town of Crandon, population 1920.  about 1.5 hours of an awesome memorial day parade we headed back for our scheduled practice.  Matt was allowed only 2 practice laps and i got my first walk to the spotter tower to see him on the track from on top of two shipping containers in the infield.  we tested out our radio coms and all was well. 
Saturday race was scheduled land rush start at 6:45.  delays in events earlier they didn't start till 8:45!  40 minutes of night racing!  Matt did great and ended up in 4th over all!  this race was the shortcourse plus woods and rocks.
Sunday we were scheduled for 1:20 and completed 10 laps of short course only.  Matt came in 10th i believe. 

the trip home was uneventful, other than at our dinner stop we found a stranded couple that had locked keys in a Uhaul box van 3hours earlier and still waiting for help with drained phones.  In a few minutes we were able to pop the lock for them and get them on their way! 

awesome weekend, great friends and racing, great food!
cant wait to go back! 
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