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AME Tire Valve Tool


AME Tire Valve Tool #51025

Saw this on a DIY TV show and picked this kit up a couple of years ago after others had valve stem issues.  No dismounting tires to replace a valve stem.  Should be awesome.

I'm here to tell you that "IT IS"!  After putting up with a valve stem that was damaged from rock rash, I decided that it was time to put this tool to the test.  I was home and in my shop, a nice controlled environment.  It took me longer to get a pair of pliers than it did to complete the job!

I grabbed hold of the old stem with said pliers and gave it a good yank.  Most of the old stem came out with ease.  What is left can roll around inside the tire.  Had I read the directions first, part of this kit contains a hook handle that would have extracted the entire thing.  Too impatient.

I lubed up the new stem and "popped" it right in.  Filled the tire with air and good-as-new!  Every rock crawler should have one!

10 out of 10!   Rating: (1= dont waste the money, 10= Super deal)

I borrowed one from Jared last year to replace the valve stems on my camper.. it now lives in my tool box i love it!

After a few tests I found the remover tool to be absolutely useless. The install tool works flawlessly though with one exception... You MUST use lube. We tried a field test without and it just rips the valve stem.



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